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Private Life of a Voyeur

A boy so afraid of losing his mediocrity, he'd throw away his greatness

celadon lord of missed boats
28 March 1985
saw the goust
saw the goust of elvis this morning
they wakeing of the king

unknown poster, 1999
1943 batman, 1949 batman and robin, 1960s batman, action figures, amadeus, angry video game nerd, animal crossing new leaf, astronema, atheism, barney dunlap, bashy, batman, battle skipper, black cats, bombastic evil overlords, charles/klinger, chaxie, chip morton, chris latta, clerks, clint barlow, club soda, cobra, cobra commander, colonel icebot, computers, corey burton, crimson guard, crimson twins, cyclonus, dark fortress, decepticons, dr. quest/race bannon, dr. smith, drawing, ecliptor, elections, evil overlord mitt romney, extensive enterprises, fandom sickness, final fantasy x, fire emblem awakening, floater, fruit snacks, galvatron, genderqueer, gi joe, glee, hitmonchan, icarly, idk idk idk fuck, jarrod/camille, jesse st. james, jessica savitch, jesus christ superstar, jonathan harris, jonny quest, karone, ke$ha, knitting, kowalski, lady gaga, laundromats, lee crane, lex lang, loki, lost in space, m*a*s*h, mannequins, maris, martia, marvel avengers alliance, me money, meef!!!, megatron, melody perkins, metv, milk time bird, miratrix, momonut, mr. zamir, murgie, neopets, netta, nintendo 3ds, norway's greatest acrobatic dwarf, nostalgia critic, nutmeg4077, octane, old news footage, peter jennings, plushies, pokemon, pony, power rangers, power rangers in space, power rangers jungle fury, power rangers time force, preet, prevue guide, psycho rangers, quactopus shippertopia, quan wu, ren and stimpy, sailor moon, sangria, savini, saw the goust, screamer, seinfeld, shockwave, skywarp, slash, sleeping, smarterchild, solitaire, speed gibson, spongebob squarepants, squidward, st. berry, star trek, starscream, station idents, svengoolie, tea, team rocket, that thing you do!, the dark knight trilogy, the octopus, the penguin, the robot, the room, the sims, the thorn birds, tomax, tomax and xamot, transformers generation 1, vaporeon, vr troopers, vttbots, wasting time with bullshit, wii fit, xamot, zachary smith, zartan